What’s wrong with Epcot parking lots?

The parking lot in Epcot has been the scene of controversy for some time.

While many have speculated that the large parking lot was designed to serve as a place to gather, some have suggested that the massive concrete structure was built to be used for military training.

The theme park’s theme park spokesperson, Tom Schulz, has previously stated that the design of the parking lot is based on the real-life World War II Battle of the Bulge in which Nazi troops occupied Germany’s Eastern Front.

“The main design element is the massive parking lot,” Schulz said.

“And it’s been the source of much debate for a long time.

And we’ve always said that we believe it’s not a military site.

We believe it is a park for guests and guests should be able to walk through the lot.

It’s a place where people come to relax and have a good time.”

While the real estate company behind the park has said that the parking garage is being designed for people to walk on, Schulz believes that the park’s signage may actually discourage visitors from visiting.

“It’s one thing to have a large parking garage,” he said.

“But the other thing to do is put in signage.

And in Epochcot, we have signage that says ‘This is an entertainment site, you’re welcome to come and enjoy it, but please respect other guests, stay away from our troops.'”

And I think that’s the real issue, is that there’s a huge disconnect between that signage and the actual reality of what’s actually going on.

“When you walk through Epcot’s main parking lot on your own, it’s a different story.”

There’s no signage,” Schul said.

The signage on the building has also been criticized by some who say that it is confusing.”

I don’t think it’s really clear what they mean by the signage, I mean, if you walk into the parking deck and you don’t see anything on the sign it’s kind of a blank wall,” said Andrew McKeown, who is the director of media for the Walt Disney World Resort.”

We’ve got the main entrance, but you walk in and there’s nothing.

So there’s an invisible wall that surrounds you, it doesn’t say ‘Welcome to Epcot,’ it doesn’s not an area of the park where you can walk in.

So it’s pretty confusing to me.

“If you’re on a tour you can just walk in, but if you’re coming from the hotel, they don’t have any signage there, so you’re kind of going in the dark.”

McKeown is concerned that guests are not going to be able tell whether the signs are actually there or not.

“A lot of people are not getting that,” he explained.

“They think they know what the signage is, but there’s really not much there.”

When asked whether he felt that the signs were confusing, McKeough added: “I think that people do understand it, and they understand that it’s very clear, it has signage.

So if you want to come to Epoch, you’ve got to know the signage.”

While it’s unclear whether or not the signage will help or hinder the ability of guests to find their way through the parking structure, it will be a topic of discussion at the theme park.

“This is a part of our theme park,” Schutz said.

“[We’ve] put a lot of effort into putting in signage to make it clear to people that they’re going to have to park in the correct spot.

And I think this is part of that.””

If it works out for the best, I think it’ll be great.

If it doesn, we’ll do it again next year.”

Epcot’s parking lot will be open to the public starting April 9.

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