Which of the city’s five most dangerous parking spots?

The City of New Delhi has five most highly dangerous parking spaces in the city, and the top five spots for safety in New Delhi are in the central business district, north, south, west and east, according to a report by the National Urban Redevelopment Authority (NURRA) for 2016.

The five most vulnerable spots in the five cities are:The top five most unsafe spots in New York City are on West 54th Street in Manhattan, on the top floor of the Brooklyn Bridge, on Third Avenue and on the intersection of West 56th Street and Madison Avenue.

The report shows that on these four streets, the safest parking spots are located on the fourth floor of Manhattan, where the city has the most dangerous pedestrian space, on Madison Avenue between Third Avenue to Eighth Avenue, and in the middle of the street between West 56 and West 57th Streets.

The city’s other most vulnerable spaces are on the west side of West 52nd Street in Brooklyn, on Fifth Avenue in Queens, on East 78th Street near Battery Park in Manhattan and on Eighth Avenue near Madison Avenue in Manhattan.

The top 10 most dangerous spots in Mumbai are on Sixth Avenue between West 44th Street, which is the city centre, and Seventh Avenue, which separates the city from the city of Mumbai.

On the seventh floor of Sixth Avenue, the most vulnerable spot is the car park at Seventh Avenue and Seventh Street, while the 10 most vulnerable places are on Fifth Street between Seventh and Eighth Streets.

In Chennai, the five most important parking spaces are in Parel, on Kallu Road and on Thampu Road.

In the western part of Chennai, where there are no public transport services, there are four spaces on the third floor of Parel.

The report shows the top 10 safest parking spaces for pedestrians in Delhi and Mumbai are at Fifth Avenue and Fifth Street in the western half of the metropolitan area and in front of the Indian embassy on Kala Ghoda Road.

It also shows the 10 safest spots for drivers in Mumbai and Delhi.

The most dangerous places in Mumbai, where drivers are allowed to park on the streets, are on Madison avenue between Third and Eighth Avenues and on Seventh Avenue between Seventh to Eighth Streets, while on Fifth avenue between Seventh Street and Eighth Avenue are the car parks on the fifth floor of Madison Avenue and the vehicle parking area on Seventh Street.

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