Disneyland, Hollywood’s largest theme park, will close down amid cost crisis

The park, with a capacity of 1.2 million people, was set to close next month.

It will also be closing in phases in phases, starting with the “Summer of Dreams” in 2019.

The closure will be in effect for the following three months: April 15 to October 3, 2019, May 17 to October 15, 2019 and July 18 to October 22, 2019. 

“Disneyland will be closed for approximately two weeks from April 15 through October 3,” Disney spokesman Mark A. DeAngelis said in a statement. 

The announcement comes as the park continues to face financial troubles, as it tries to bring the cost of operating the property down.

Last year, the park was awarded $5.9 billion in federal stimulus money to help ease the financial pressure. 

Disneyland, which opened in 1954, was a landmark in Hollywood and the heart of the Disney empire.

The park opened with a dazzling view of the Hollywood sign and a dazzling sky filled with colorful characters.

Disneyland is now home to a dozen different themed areas, including Mickey’s Animal Kingdom, The Hollywood Sign, Star Wars Land, Animal Kingdom at Disney California Adventure, Tomorrowland and Animal Kingdom At Sea. 

Over the years, the parks attendance has dropped as its attendance has grown. 

In 2018, the number of guests fell 6 percent.

Disney World attendance fell 6.7 percent in the same period.

Disney officials also announced plans for a planned expansion of the park in 2019, which would include a new theme park at Universal Studios Hollywood, a separate park at the Anaheim Convention Center, and a new park at Walt Disney World Resort. 

According to DeAngeles, the closure will save Disney about $2 billion in labor costs.

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