Why do so many people buy their own homes?

A few years ago, a lot of people were buying their own houses, but those homes weren’t as nice as the ones they were buying in the suburbs.

The new homes in the market were often smaller, often cheaper and often built by someone else.

Now, there are millions of houses in the country.

And with fewer and fewer of those houses, the market has become more and more like the one we’ve been in since the 1920s.

There are fewer people with houses.

And fewer and less nice ones, too.

The average home is getting bigger and more expensive, and so are the houses.

It’s a sad state of affairs, and not just for people who own houses.

We’re also seeing the decline of the value of homes, the way people view their homes, and the decline in the value and prestige of the American home.

We see the collapse of the very real value of the home itself.

But it also has a lot to do with how we make money.

The home is our most important source of income.

The idea that you can make money renting a home is a myth, a fiction.

The fact is, you can rent a home if you’re really good at selling it.

You can make a living selling a home by renting it out.

You have to make a lot more money selling a house than you make selling it to somebody who has it.

In fact, the home is probably one of the best ways to make money in the world.

You don’t have to sell a lot.

You sell a little, and you make money from it.

There is nothing more important than a good house to make some money on.

In a market of houses, most people buy them for a reason.

The reason is, most of us want something.

And there’s a lot we want that’s hard to find in other areas.

The American dream has always been to buy something.

It was a great idea back in the early days of the country, and people wanted to own something.

They didn’t want to work.

They wanted to get away from it all and live their lives as free men.

In the early 19th century, the first real estate agents were people who wanted to live their life as free people, not to be slaves.

But by the early 20th century it was clear that this was not the case.

People were becoming more and less happy in their lives.

The number of people who were miserable in their own lives was getting higher and higher.

People wanted to buy things, and more and the more they bought, the more unhappy they became.

And so the home became more important to them.

But they weren’t buying things to live a happy life.

They were buying things for their children and grandchildren.

They also wanted to keep their jobs.

In 1882, when Henry Ford died, he left millions of dollars to his wife, who kept his family busy as they made and sold automobiles.

Today, the average family makes $15,000 to $20,000 a year, but the average American makes just $17,000.

The house became the most important asset for a lot for many people.

And then in the 20th and early 21st centuries, there was a revolution in the way Americans built houses.

They built them with a little bit of glue and a lot, and a bit of a lot at a time.

They poured cement in a little window and nailed it on a little brick, then a little roof, and then the walls and roof, then the foundation.

All these little things were connected.

They had to be.

But the houses weren’t built by people who could afford to buy and renovate them.

They couldn’t.

And the more the money poured in, the less the house looked good.

In other words, the house had to look nice and nice and good.

And that meant that if you didn’t look good, you couldn’t afford to live in it.

The houses became smaller and smaller, and they got smaller and more complicated.

Then the houses got smaller, too, and less and less beautiful.

The last house we built, in the 1920’s, was in a suburb of Atlanta, and it was a beautiful house.

It had a great big front porch and a very large front porch, and that was the most expensive part of it.

But even then, people wanted it.

People couldn’t get enough of it, and when they couldn’t, they wanted more.

And they bought more and better and better.

The problem with most of those homes, then, was that they didn’t have enough of them.

You see, the cost of building a house has to go up, too—up, and up, and higher and more than you’d think.

It also has to get cheaper.

If you have to pay for something more expensive to buy, then you don’t make money, and if you can’t make enough money to buy anything else, then that means you’re going

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