Bloxburg Parking Lot Seeks to Sell 2.2 Million Parking Lots to Build $8 Billion Stadium

Bloxberg, Mass.

— A proposal from a Bloxborg, Mass., developer to build a $8 billion stadium for the New England Patriots is drawing attention to parking garages and other infrastructure needs in the area, with an estimated $8.4 billion to be needed to complete the project.

The proposal was first reported by The Boston Globe. 

Bloxburg, Mass.-based W.B. Stoddard Partners LLC proposes to build an $8-billion stadium, which would be the first major stadium built in the region.

The site of the proposed stadium would be in Bloxburgh, about 10 miles northeast of Boston. 

A stadium in Blossburg is part of a larger development planned by W. B. Stodard Partners to build apartments, office and retail space, and other amenities at a site that also includes an industrial park. 

The developer’s plan would use $6.8 billion in public financing and $2.8 million in private funding to complete a $2 billion stadium in the suburb of Bloxbury, according to the Globe.

A site for the proposed $8bn stadium was first proposed in 2015.

The site would be developed by the Bloxbridge Companies, a consortium of companies that includes Bloxburys largest company, W. Bloxberger LLC, and the company of the late Joe Paterno, who died in 2009 at age 96.

“The development of the Blossberg site will help create a community of jobs, affordable housing, schools and parks, all of which will benefit the entire community,” said Jim McBride, WBCP chairman and CEO.

Bloxburgh’s site includes a proposed stadium that would seat approximately 70,000 fans and would be used for a variety of events including concerts, professional and collegiate basketball, and baseball.

The stadium would include a retractable roof, and would have a capacity of 25,000.

The proposed stadium is also expected to create over 4,000 jobs, according the Globe, and provide more than $3 billion in economic impact.

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