What you need to know about the controversial new Minnesota Vikings parking lot

Minnesota’s controversial new Vikings parking lots have been criticized for their high prices and lack of amenities, and they’re getting a lot of attention from the city.

Here are the facts:The parking lot at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport opened in April and is expected to be a $6 million renovation.

The project was funded with $500,000 from the state and $500 from the airport’s private owner.

The city of St. Paul is also paying for the lot, which is expected add a whopping 20,000 parking spaces, and the city has a $1.4 million subsidy to cover the cost.

The airport’s own website says it will provide free parking for the first 100 people arriving and departing the airport, with more parking coming on site in the future.

There will also be an extension of the airport parking lot’s capacity to allow for larger groups of travelers, with the goal of reaching 10,000 spaces by 2019.

The Minneapolis Public Schools, which owns the airport lot, has been trying to convince the city that its plan for the parking lot will improve safety and improve the airport.

The plan was approved in June by the city council, and it is expected that parking will be free at the airport until October 31.

The first day of open day is October 1.

It’s unclear if the new lot will offer free parking on opening day.

In an interview with The Associated Press, St. Pete Mayor Bob Bratina said the plan was an attempt to improve the area and bring jobs and commerce to the city and the airport district.

The plans call for a parking lot that will allow the airport to add 5,000 cars to the area in 2020, up from 4,500 cars today, he said.

“I think the idea is really to give us the opportunity to attract businesses that have a long-term vision, whether that be new office towers or new retail businesses,” Bratine said.

“We want to keep the city-owned parking at a reasonable price and make sure that we’re providing people with access to their transportation.”

In addition to improving safety and enhancing economic development, Bratino said, the plan will help reduce the number of vehicles that will be parking on the airport property.

The Minneapolis Airport Authority, the city’s airport planning agency, says it is also working with the city to expand the parking lots.

It has already begun work on a second lot, this one at the nearby Minneapolis Museum of Art, to accommodate the airport expansion, according to airport spokeswoman Lori Hahn.

The airport plans to offer a $500 discount for each of the 10,001 cars it hopes to add to the lot by the end of 2019, and to extend the parking capacity to 10,200 spaces by the summer of 2021, said St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman.

It is not known how much the new parking will cost.

Bratina says that he and Kriseman want to avoid any conflict with the airport when the lot opens.

“The airport is an airport, and we’re not trying to get into the political fray.

The public wants to come here and enjoy the airport and the surrounding area,” he said, adding that he is happy that the airport is building a parking garage.

“The airport has done a good job in building a garage and I’m glad that they’re doing the same thing for the public.”

The St. Louis Cardinals are the team to play in the new Vikings lot.

The Cardinals will play their first home game there in 2021.

St. Louis, a city of about 9,000 people, is one of the first major U.S. cities to get a new stadium.

The team’s new home will be located in a strip mall, and its stadium is expected be ready for the 2020 season.

But St. Peters residents are still concerned about traffic, the airport lots, parking, and other issues, and have complained about noise from the new stadium’s tailgating areas.

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