New Perth parking lot layout plan could cost taxpayers $2.4m

A new Perth parking plan could see taxpayers shell out more than $2 million in a parking lot stripings.

Key points:The Perth city council has been given a one-year time frame to finalise the design of a new parking lot, with the option to extend it to other propertiesThe cost is expected to be in the region of $3 millionNew parking lot layouts, which were approved in 2016, were used by businesses for months before being scrappedThe cost of striping will be split between the city council and the local authority.

The Perth City Council has been granted a one year time frame, and is working with the city to finalising the plan, with a target to finalisation in 2019.

The plan is designed to address congestion and improve the overall appearance of the city, with improvements to the city’s public realm.

A spokeswoman for the council said the initial design had been approved by the local council.

“The plan was developed by a team of expert consultants and the City has been working with them to develop the final design.

The City has also been providing feedback to the council over the past year and the design will incorporate input from the local community,” she said.”

We are in the process of completing this design and the initial report will be made public in March.”

After that, the council will consider its options and take appropriate action.

“The council is also considering the use of new, permanent parking for the public spaces in Perth’s CBD.

It is expected that the new design will include two different parking lots, one in each direction.

The new layout will be in consultation with businesses in the CBD, with potential changes to the existing lot layout for the city as well as the use and operation of public spaces.

The city council said it would also consider the impact of the changes to Perth’s streetscape on traffic flow.”

There are a number of issues that the council is looking at including changes to pedestrian access, and a reduction in the number of car parking spaces, to ensure the city has a good experience of our parking facilities,” the spokeswoman said.

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