How to stay safe when going on a trail with the sun coming up in Phoenix

Phoenix – There are always people walking around the trailhead with a smile on their face.

They are people like the family who came here to enjoy the day, but have to take their dog off to walk in the shade because it gets too hot.

The people on the trail with their dog were not happy.

“They’re like ‘I’m so sorry’ and I’m like ‘don’t worry about it.

They’re just being nice,'” said Erin Jones, who lives in the Phoenix suburb of Springdale.

“We’re like, ‘No, no, don’t worry, we’re doing this, we’ll just go to the park,'” said Jones.

It was not until a few days later that the family’s dog returned.

It wasn’t until a week later that Erin Jones was able to find the dog’s owner.

“I was just thinking, ‘I hope that dog is OK,’ because I’m so worried about it,” Jones said.

“I hope they find their dog and take them home.”

That’s exactly what happened to Jones and her family on Saturday.

It was the second day of the Phoenix Trails Association’s Springdale Trail-to-Beach-to beached-day, which was supposed to be a fun-filled weekend, but ended up being more like a long day of family drama.

“The sun is shining and the kids are out here having fun and having fun,” said Jones, whose daughter, Kelly, was also enjoying the trail.

“It’s very exciting.

You can’t take anything for granted, and this is definitely a nice place to be out here.”

The family was on their way to a day hike in the park with her daughter when they were accosted by an older woman who started yelling at them.

“She said, ‘you’re not going to do this,'” Jones said, adding that the woman then started shouting, “you’re going to lose your dog.”

“I said, “what are you talking about?’

“Jones said she responded, “I don’t want to lose my dog, you can take my dog.

“She said the woman threatened to call police.”

Then she starts talking to me like, I’m going to have to get my dog back, you’re going get your dog back.

It’s just like, she was just like ‘no, I can’t do this.’

“Jones said she asked the woman if she was referring to the family, who are in a group of people.

The woman said she didn’t know the family.

The family is now working to find a new owner for the dog.”

It just felt like something was really wrong with me.””

And then she just said, you don’t do that.

It just felt like something was really wrong with me.”

The Phoenix Trails-tobeached-Day Association said they are working with the family to find another owner for their dog.

It is a good thing, they said, that the trail was closed for the first day, as the woman was angry that the dogs were being left out.

“You just can’t have something like that happen,” said Erin Moore, the Phoenix Association’s volunteer coordinator.

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