How to fix parking lot erosion at a new shopping mall

The parking lot of a new mall is starting to look like the one that used to be a former car wash.

In a few months, parking lots will be full of people who will be paying for the privilege of parking there.

A few years ago, that was something of a luxury.

It was the kind of place where you could go for a drink in a well-lit alley and then sit in the shade of the tree that grows across the street.

Now, you can find a park bench with a small TV mounted on it.

It’s not clear whether the new mall will be a big draw.

Its popularity has been largely driven by new businesses, but there are still a lot of people out there that can’t find parking in a nice spot, and that can be a frustrating experience for everyone.

One of the biggest hurdles facing the mall is how to fix the problem.

The parking structure is designed to absorb water from the asphalt, but it is very vulnerable to erosion.

The mall is designed with the possibility of the water draining into the street to fill the voids in the asphalt.

That is exactly what happened in San Antonio, when the area’s old parking lots eroded into the streetscape.

It took two decades for the city to fix it, and now it’s the third time it’s been needed.

But the city can’t fix it on its own.

Instead, the city has teamed up with the city of San Antonio to restore the parking lot, which is being restored in stages over the next three years.

The plan is to have it complete the first phase of the project in 2022, and then finish the second phase in 2026.

There are plans to open it to the public in 2029.

The new parking lot will be open to the general public starting on July 1, 2022.

The parking lot has been designed with a lot more than two acres, but the parking structures will be bigger than that.

The structure will be six stories tall and have a total of five floors.

The first floor of the parking structure will have a patio and an indoor seating area.

The patio will be connected to a second floor, which will have outdoor seating and a patio deck.

The deck will be separated from the patio by a metal barrier.

The second floor will have an indoor area, with a patio, a restaurant, and an outdoor space for restaurants.

The outdoor space will have seating for 300 people.

The third floor will be used for the mall’s parking garage.

The garage will have more than 700 parking spaces, including 300 spaces for seniors and disabled people.

This is an indoor parking garage that will have 300 spaces in it.

The third floor is connected to the outdoor parking lot.

This garage is connected with the third floor of a parking lot and has a rooftop deck.

This will be the fourth floor of parking lot for the new San Antonio Mall.

The plans are to have the mall open in 2021, 2024, 2028, and 2031.

The San Antonio Public Works Department has already done work on the parking garage and will begin a full restoration in 2019.

It will also be rebuilding the plaza that used be on the corner of Market and San Jacinto.

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