Why we think this is the perfect time to move to a dark parking spot

By Football Italian staffThis is a rush transcript of the BBC’s Football Itonia show “A World Without Soccer”.

In today’s game, the ball needs to find a space in front of the keeper before he can get a touch.

The goalkeeper has to react to the ball before it reaches him and he needs to keep his head on the ball and keep his eyes on the keeper, while his feet stay firmly planted on the ground.

The keeper will then have to react quickly to make sure that the ball doesn’t get away from him.

But if the ball comes too close to him, the keeper will need to move his body to keep the ball away from his feet.

The goalkeeper has two options: he can drop to his right or his left.

In the left-hand side, the goalkeeper will have to keep a very tight grip on the goalkeeper, while in the right-hand he will need a lot of energy to keep control.

If he drops to his left, the player will be able to run straight into the goal but he will be vulnerable to a cross that will find his feet, because the keeper has to keep an eye on the cross, even if the defender is a lot higher up.

This is why, for the past few years, a dark spot has been added to the outfield during the World Cup.

The “dark spots” have been added in the area where the ball goes in, so it is much easier to see the ball.

This year, there is a “dark spot” in the middle of the field and it has been moved.

This area is very important because it is the area when the ball crosses the goal.

This makes the keeper’s job easier because the ball will always find the goalkeeper.

The keeper has two choices: he could either drop to the right, and drop the ball on the line of the goal, or he could drop to left and drop his feet down in the penalty area, where the keeper can also pick up the ball easily.

If the goalkeeper drops to the left, he will have a lot more space to work with.

This is the most dangerous situation because, as a goalkeeper, he can’t get to the corner of the box, where there are many more people, and he can only hope to be saved.

There are two ways to solve this problem.

One option is to place a lot less defenders at the corners.

Another is to play with fewer players.

This option is the one most teams are using this year.

For example, Argentina have used the two defenders on the right and left to block the goal and, as explained earlier, this is a very risky position.

But if you take a look at the picture above, the defenders in the corners are very strong.

When the ball is coming at them, they are very hard to defend.

They are very quick to react.

They have an incredible sense of anticipation.

They can move very quickly.

This was the case against Argentina in the last World Cup, when they were beaten 2-0 in the first half.

There was no space to make a move and, after the restart, there was an opportunity for the ball to go in.

But when the shot hit the corner, there were a lot fewer players in the corner.

The problem is that it is very difficult to play against Argentina this time around, because they are playing with very few players.

Argentina play with a lot, because Argentina have the best players in world football, but when they play with only one, they don’t have a good defensive structure.

So it is a shame that the only solution is to use the more dangerous players.

One way is to try to get rid of the three defenders who are left behind.

This will create a situation where the goalkeeper has more space.

This would allow him to defend the goal from two sides.

If you go back to the picture, you will see that the two players on the left are the two defensive midfielders who are also the two strikers.

These players are the best at defending, so they are the ones who are going to get the ball, even in a situation when the player on the other side is trying to play a counter-attack.

In the past, we have seen how this tactic has worked.

In 2015, Real Madrid and Barcelona played a 3-2-3-1 with Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema, and James Rodriguez in the central defensive line.

In 2016, Barcelona played with a 3, but the three-man defence worked, as they kept the ball a lot and created the opportunity for their attackers to get into the box.

If the ball arrives in the box too quickly, the striker is very likely to score.

If it comes too late, the defender will get the goal in order to stop the counter-attacking.

In this case, the two forwards will be the ones in the centre of the pitch, while the defenders will be on the wings.

They will need all

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