What’s a parking lot? The answers you deserve

Parking lots are a great way to save money on gas and electricity, but they’re also an incredibly messy place to be.

Here’s how to get out of them.1.

Make your space clean, but not cluttered.

Parking lots aren’t the only place where trash gets thrown away.

When you have too many people in your parking lot and the smell is overpowering, you’re going to want to make your space more appealing to everyone else.

For this, you need a little help from a few things:1.

Create a trash bin for people to pick up garbage.2.

Put a trash bag outside your space so that it can be easily moved around.3.

Put trash cans inside your space to collect garbage.4.

Create an outside seating area for people that are using the area to relax or go for a walk.5.

If you’re a regular parking lot visitor, put a table in front of your space.6.

Use your parking spaces for community events or meetings.7.

Keep your trash in a clear bag.8.

Make sure your parking lots are free of litter.9.

Keep a trash can handy in case you find a parking ticket while you’re driving through your parking spot.10.

Clean your garage every few months.

If there’s no trash and no trash cans in your garage, you’ll be good to go.11.

Take your trash to the recycling center, and leave a bag with a tip.12.

Don’t forget to clean your parking spots regularly.

If the parking lot smells like garbage, you can try taking your trash out of the parking spot and putting it in the garbage.13.

Don’s Tips for Parking Spaces article

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