What happens when a team of thieves take a parking lot and convert it into a shopping mall?

Parking lots are typically pretty small spaces.

They’re not very large.

That means that the space is usually pretty empty and easy to use.

But there are a few exceptions to this rule, and a few of them can turn into shopping malls.

These are just a few examples of parking lots that could be converted into a retail district.1.

A parking lot that looks like a parking garage.2.

Parking lots that look like a lot with a parking gate.3.

Parking Lots that look much like a normal lot.

There are many different types of parking spaces.

Some are large spaces, like a garage or a parking deck, and others are small spaces, which can be used for parking.

A lot can be converted to a parking facility by putting a gate or a ramp on it.

A ramp is a building on which cars or trucks can be parked, like the ramps at airports.

A gate, on the other hand, is a door that allows cars or vans to pass through.

The best parking lots can have both gate and ramp on them.

A lot that is converted into parking is a shopping center.

A shopping center is usually surrounded by buildings, usually residential buildings.

Some malls are also attached to parking lots.

Most shopping centers have a lot for food and entertainment, which means that they’re usually full of people.

Many shopping centers also have an entertainment center, where people can play video games or watch movies.

In a parking area, you could rent a TV or a movie ticket and rent a movie, too.

There are also some places that offer free WiFi.

These shopping centers usually have lots for food, too, so you could get food for free and eat there for free.

Many malls also have other services that are free, like sports stadiums or swimming pools.

These places are usually surrounded with other malls and other businesses.

Many parking lots are also used as retail districts.

Parking garages are usually small and have a wide parking lot.

They usually are not connected to parking.

These garages also tend to have a high turnover rate.

They are used mainly for parking and shopping, and are sometimes used as a shopping and food mall, too.(Image credit: Flickr user jon_davison)2.

A small parking lot converted into an office space.3, Parking lots with a lot like this.4.

Parking spaces with lots like this in the middle.

There’s another type of parking lot: small, enclosed, and unconnected to any other businesses or people.

They can be very small.

A tiny parking lot is usually just a single parking space.

A few small parking lots have parking lots connected to other businesses, too; for example, there’s a parking space at the corner of Seventh and Market.

A typical parking lot would have one or two parking spaces for parking, but not for anything else.

A garage or parking lot with many parking spaces would have several parking spaces, too!

A lot with parking spaces that are connected to one another, like this, is usually very busy.(Image credits: Flickr users brian_holloway,brian_ludwig,michael_dell)There are two main types of shopping malls: shopping centers and shopping districts.

Shopping centers are generally located near public transportation hubs.

They often have large shops that sell various products or services.

These stores tend to be crowded, and they tend to attract more customers.

Shopping districts, on other hand.

These areas tend to draw people from nearby neighborhoods.

The stores in shopping districts are usually smaller and more centrally located.

They tend to cater to a specific demographic or geographic area, like young, working-class families, or families with higher incomes.

Many of these districts also have a shopping plaza or outdoor shopping area.

These kinds of malls often have a large parking lot for parking.(Image: Flickr/John C. Stansfield)5.

A large shopping mall converted into the largest shopping district.6.

Shopping malls that have a variety of small spaces connected to a big parking lot.(Image Credit: Flickr)In addition to having lots for parking for free, shopping malls can also offer some free amenities.

A good shopping district might have a grocery store, a jewelry shop, or a jewelry store.

A mall with a large mall also has a large, outdoor plaza.

There might also be an indoor plaza, like at a mall with several smaller shopping districts, where families can play sports or play video-games.

This type of shopping district can be a great place to take in a movie or a concert.

Some shopping districts even have live music stages.

These types of malls can often attract large crowds, too.*The word mall is derived from the Greek word for mall, which originally referred to a small, narrow, enclosed space.

Malles, also, refer to large outdoor spaces, so

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