Why the parking lot cliparts in Brookline’s parking lots aren’t a new thing

The parking lot clips in the parking lots of Brookline, Mass., and Boston are a well-worn design motif.

“It’s a way of showing where we live and what we do,” said Brian T. Condon, a retired truck driver and co-owner of Condon’s Cools, a retail and catering business.

The cliparts, he said, are “a way of getting people to pay attention to where they are.”

The Brookline clipart is the latest example of a trend that’s been popping up for decades.

The park’s parking lot clipping, an art form for the last decade, is the result of an increasing number of people parking at a lot and then pulling out their smartphone and snapping a photo.

Parking lot clipping is not new.

It’s a well known concept in Boston.

In 2009, the parking area of a New York City public park became a place where visitors could snap a photo of themselves and then share the image on social media.

It was a small gesture, but the photo spread quickly, garnering a buzz from Instagram users.

But the idea quickly spread to other parts of the country.

People were snapping photos and sharing them online.

In Boston, a lot owner named Robert B. Johnson bought a parking lot at the Brookline-South Street Seaport and posted a photo in 2011 of himself parked on the lot with his phone.

And in 2012, he started a lot clipping campaign that featured the name “Brookline Parking Lot.”

In the first two years of the campaign, the campaign got over 100,000 people to snap a picture of themselves parked in a parking garage.

Brookline’s clipart phenomenon is similar to a trend seen in other areas of the U.S.

A large part of the problem, though, is that people don’t pay attention, according to T. David Jones, a senior director at the National Parking Association, an industry group.

People think it’s funny when they do it, but it doesn’t have the same impact as other things that people do,” Jones said.

When a person takes a photo with their phone, they’re not paying attention to the fact that it’s being taken and are also not really looking for that other photo that might be happening somewhere else in the area.

He added, “It’s the way that they do the street.

They are just standing there and not looking for anything.

“The Brooklin clipart may be the first to hit the streets in Boston, but its popularity has spread beyond that small corner of the city.

Several other cities in the U, like Washington, D.C., have started the practice of cliparting parking lots.

A similar trend is happening in the Bay Area, where the San Francisco Bay Park and Recreation District is adding a parking area clipart.

While there’s a lot of speculation about why people are snapping photos of themselves in parking lots all over the country, the reason is simple: It’s fun.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with snapping a picture, Jones said, but people have a tendency to not pay attention and think, “This is just a fun photo.”

That’s exactly what happened with the Brooklin area.

People started snapping the images on the streets and then sharing them on social.”

They thought it was funny,” Jones explained.

So the Brookfield clipart trend has spread to the rest of the world.

And in many cases, people have begun to share the photos on social platforms, including Instagram.

In the case of the Brooklones, the clips have already caught on.

In the photo of the person snapping the photo on the street, it’s easy to see how the clipart has caught on in the city, with people snapping the photos and uploading them to Instagram.

That photo is one of more than 20,000 images of people driving around the park in the Brookliner parking lot.

Now, some people have taken to the streets to snap photos of the cliparts on their phones, according a Brooklin Police Department press release.

Another Brooklin resident posted the photo to Instagram and said that the photo “got so many likes that I was able to capture it for my family.”

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