Paradise Parking Lot, New York, NYC, and the Death of Paradise

By now, we’ve all been through a hellish ride in the world of Paradise Parking Lots, New Jersey’s newest amusement park.

Paradise Parking lots has been operating since 2009, but its popularity has only grown since its debut in 2011.

In 2016, it closed its doors to new customers.

At the time, the company was in a state of disarray.

It had failed to raise enough money to pay the rent on the land and it was facing the prospect of losing its license to operate in the state.

The company faced financial problems as well, but a number of lawsuits brought by residents, as well as its owner, the City of New York made it impossible to continue operating in New Jersey.

Paradise parking lot closed, but the story of its downfall is still being told, with one man’s quest to find his missing Paradise parking space being the catalyst for Paradise Parking lot’s closure. 

The Paradise Parkinglot saga was sparked by a car crash on April 29, 2018.

The vehicle that hit the car park wall at Paradise Parking’s Paradise Parking Land in Queens, New Zealand, killed one passenger and injured another.

A search for the missing car park space was initiated by local resident Kevin Taylor, who was visiting his parents in Australia.

Kevin was working in a car dealership in New Zealand when the crash happened. 

“We were looking for a parking space for our car so we could park on our own,” Kevin told ABC News. 

On the morning of April 29 the police received a report of a crash in which a car hit a car park at Paradise parking.

The driver of the vehicle, a white BMW, had reportedly suffered head injuries.

Police believe the car had crashed into a fence at the parking area, causing it to slide down the parking ramp, and was struck by the vehicle parked there.

The impact was so severe that Kevin was unable to get out of his car and fell into the carpark.

The car park collapsed, and Kevin was not able to save his car. 

Kevin Taylor and his parents were able to reach Paradise parking by using the emergency beacon from the emergency call centre, but Kevin was still unable to find a parking spot. 

In a statement released by the Paradise Parking company, Kevin said that he was able to find an empty parking spot in the parking lot after he “scoured the parking structure for a while”. 

Kevin told ABC New York he was very surprised that Paradise Parking would close down after a car accident. 


I had no idea it was closing down.

I didn’t think anything could go wrong, but then I went to check on the car that crashed,” Kevin said. 

But not everyone in the Paradise parking world was as positive. 

Some residents of the Paradise area have argued that Paradise’s closure was a deliberate move by the City and the company to stop them from competing in New York City. 

A spokesperson for the Paradise Park company told “We’re saddened that the Paradise Plaza is closing its doors after such a successful run.

We will continue to work closely with the City to secure a new park site, which will provide a safe and attractive alternative to Paradise. 

According to the spokesperson, Paradise’s plans to reopen as a park are in limbo, and a decision on that may come soon. 

Paradise Parking Land was originally constructed by Paradise Parking to serve as the first location for the company’s amusement park in New England, but it was subsequently sold to a company called Paradise Park Group, which owns a second amusement park called Paradise Village.

The Paradise Village land was acquired by Paradise’s owner in March 2020. 

After the sale, Paradise Parking took over the Paradise Village Land and Paradise Village Park, the former Paradise Parking land being turned into a carpark in 2018. 

With Paradise Parking no longer operating in the New York city area, many residents in the area are left wondering where they’ll park their cars. 

It seems that Paradise is not going to close the parking space down completely, as many are still considering a plan to build a park of their own. 

However, the Paradise park’s future remains uncertain. 

One of the first things the City does when it closes Paradise Parking is to start an official public inquiry. 

If the Paradise property’s owner, Paradise Park, is found to have been negligent, the property could be sold to another company, like the city, and then the park will have to go through a public sale.

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