When will the U.S. stop parking?

Parking lots have become a source of friction between motorists and their parking attendants, with many drivers and parking attendants arguing that parking spaces are not fair and necessary.

But the city of Los Angeles is considering a bill to require that parking garages provide a minimum of 12 parking spaces to every vehicle.

The city’s parking authority, which has about 100 parking garms, has been working on the measure for about two years, and city council members are expected to approve the bill by early January.

The legislation would apply to parking garions in all major cities in the state. 

The measure would require parking garies to provide a parking space for every vehicle, including emergency vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists and other users, according to the LA Times.

Parking garages would be required to provide an additional parking space in a handicap-accessible space or in a space reserved for the disabled. 

Currently, there are about 4,500 parking spaces in Los Angeles County, according the LA City Council website. 

“As of right now, it’s the lowest in the country, and it’s in some ways more expensive,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“But we’re not the first city to do this.” 

A study by the Los Angeles Parking Authority found that in the first half of 2019, there were 1,826 parking spaces per 100 vehicles, with a daily average of about 2,000 spaces per day.

That’s far lower than the national average of 4,900 spaces per 1,000 vehicles, according Topps, an economic research firm.

The Los Angeles City Council, which is led by Garcetti, has also been working to address the issue of parking.

The Los Angeles Transportation Department recently passed a $100 million parking subsidy package, which will help pay for street cleaning and repairs.

The package also will include a $50 million plan to create a citywide “smart parking” system. 

Garcetti said the new parking subsidy will be a major boost to LA’s parking situation.

“We want to help the city to get this solved,” Garcetti said.

According to Topps data, Los Angeles spends $9,300 per person per year on parking, which includes the cost of parking lots, parking meters, fees and fines. 

In February, Los Angles city council unanimously passed a bill requiring parking garements to provide parking spaces at least 12 per parking spot. 

A spokeswoman for the Los Angels parking authority said the legislation would go into effect on January 1, 2020.

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