When you get too close to Simba’s car, the world will be a better place

Hacker News article Posted by Mark Maunder on Friday, August 29, 2019 08:17:03 If you’re a fan of Simba and you’re thinking about getting a new car, you might want to think twice.

 According to an article in The Times of India, it looks like Simba is not only planning to expand his empire in Africa, but also plans to make it his “world’s biggest car” and “the biggest car in the world.”

 The article states that Simba wants to become a car manufacturer in Africa.

“Simba wants the world’s biggest cars, the biggest cars in the whole world, and he wants to make them by making them by himself,” the article reads.

He’s even considering getting a $10 billion loan to expand the Simba empire.

Simba has already been doing well in Africa by selling out to foreign car companies, but this would be the first time he’s doing so without the aid of a local carmaker.

The Simba story has been going on for years, but it really caught up with him this year, when he announced that he was planning to retire after this season.

Now, he’s not quite done yet.

According to The Times, Simba plans to build a “new factory” in Nigeria and plans to expand there into other parts of Africa.

Simba, a popular character in the popular Disney movie  Mulan, will be back in the movie, which will be released in 2020.

For now, though, Simbas latest move is still going on.

I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that Simbases car is going to be as awesome as ever, so I can’t wait to see the world become a better and more fun place.

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