The most interesting car photos you missed from New York’s most crowded parking lots

By now, you’ve probably noticed the many parking lots in Manhattan.

These areas are filled with cars, parked in all kinds of places, from street corners to sidewalks, to garages to parking lots.

Many of them have entrances that you’d never normally enter. 

You could park in one of these spots without getting fined, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up in a parking lot you don�t want.

It�s a bad situation for both you and the parking lot attendant, as you may not know what to do. 

To be safe, I decided to put together a quick guide to what you should know before you park in a NYC parking lot. 


The most important thing to know before entering a parking space is where you want to park.

Parking spaces are usually very far apart from each other, so you need to know which direction to head and where to park to find the best spot. 


When you park at a parking place, the car that you are parking in will automatically turn around and park in the exact spot you left off.

If the car was parked far away from the curb or a parking spot, you may have to turn around a few times to find a parking slot. 


The first time you park, there are a few things you should take into account.

If you park a car in a designated area and it gets stuck in a street corner, you should not park there.

If there is an emergency, you must get out of the vehicle and wait for the police. 


Parking lots are usually marked by yellow lines. 

If the lines on the parking lots are white, that means there are no parking spaces available, so the car will not park. 


I parked my car at the Brooklyn corner of 4th Avenue and 42nd Street and walked across the street to get to my parking spot.

It wasn�t an easy walk.

There was no sidewalk on the way, so I had to walk through the bushes and grass to get the car to park at my spot.

At the top of the street, I had no way to park, so my car was stuck in traffic for the entire length of the walk. 


Once you have found your parking spot and entered the car, you will see a car next to you.

The car will pull up, then the driver will start honking, and then he will stop the car and wait until you move into the parking space. 


This is a really bad idea. 

There is a red line that runs along the top and bottom of the parking spot where the car is parked.

If this line is not clear, you need your eyes on the top line. 


After parking your car, follow the line and park there with the car on the same side.

The driver of the car in the other direction will stop, wait, and wait. 


As soon as you get out, you are in the wrong spot.

You should not be parking in the parking spaces.

Parking in the street is fine, but in a city where traffic jams are a daily occurrence, you would be better off waiting for a tow truck or paying to park your car in an area that is clearly marked. 


On a recent Friday, I got a tip that a parking car was blocking the intersection of 4 th Avenue and 12th Street.

The car was still honking and honking.

When I finally got out of my car, I was able to park my car on 12th Avenue.

The next day, when I got out, I found my car had been towed to the side of the intersection and the car had lost its signal.


Sometimes it�s hard to tell if a parking vehicle is slowing down.

I parked my white Ford Fusion on the corner of 13th Street and 14th Street, and when I moved the car out of sight of the traffic, the signal was gone.


Drivers are responsible for getting out of their vehicles, but the parking attendant has the responsibility of paying the ticket.

Parking spots can be extremely crowded, so it is important to know where to go to pay.

Parking lot attendants have a special ticket for anyone who doesn�t pay the ticket, and it costs $100 to be sent back to the parking place. 


At this point, you have two choices: you can park your vehicle in a handicapped parking spot or pay the $100 parking ticket and go home. 


Many parking spots have free parking. 

One parking spot I went to was a very popular spot with lots of tourists and locals.

The parking lot had a small fee to park there, but it was far enough away

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