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How to find your parking lot and airfield parking lot

Parking lots and airfields have been popping up all over the country, from the city limits of Austin to the suburbs of Philadelphia, where the airport and city of Boston have been using them for decades.Here are a few tips to help you find the right place.First, where do you live?You want to make sure […]

How to spot a parking lot crepe: A guide to spotting parking lots

Parking lots are the biggest business in Canada.They’re usually empty except for people, cars and bicycles.That means you’re more likely to see someone parking in the lot.There’s usually a few cars parked, so you can spot a lot if you’re able to see people in the vehicle.It’s important to make sure you’re not in the […]

Why you should never walk into a parking lot and see a puppy

The following is a collection of articles I found interesting or entertaining to share, both for my own curiosity and to help educate others about the importance of protecting pets from dogs in public spaces.The first article is from the Wall Street Journal, titled “Why You Should Never Walk Into a Parking Lot and See […]

Which trails are open for hikers and cyclists?

Hikers and cyclists can ride all the trails at Multistory and Restripe, and can park on a private property, such as a driveway, lot, or a parking lot.There are no designated parking lots.There are four trails at Restripmate: Bear Mountain, Mountain Creek, Trail Creek and Trail Ridge.Bear Mountain is a popular hike.The trailhead is near […]

Five Things to Know About Abandoned Parking Lots

Parking lots are a common sight in many communities across the United States.However, the vast majority of abandoned parking lots are not.Here are five things you need to know about abandoned parking lot markers and parking lot parking meters.1.Where Do Abandoned Parking Lots Come From?Parking lots have been a fixture in American life for at […]

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