How to avoid a parking lot altercation in Seattle

Parking lot confrontations are becoming more common in Seattle, according to a new study released Tuesday.The study, published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, found that most people don’t realize how common it is for people to get into heated arguments over parking in the city.The researchers interviewed 434 people between the ages of […]

When the church parking garage was shut down, the church’s parking lot got a new lease

When a parking garage in the church was shut off last month due to flooding, a parking lot attendant from a nearby church stepped in to help.The parking lot at the Cathedral of Saint Anthony and St. Anthony was not accessible, so a parking attendant from the St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Oakland got to […]

When your friends buy a new car, the price tag is usually more than you expected

When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you’re often expected to pay more than your purchase price.But if you’re a big fan of big, expensive sports cars, you might be surprised to learn that your friends aren’t as likely to be buying them as you think.“It’s kind of the opposite, it’s like, ‘Oh, my friends […]

The Best Places to Park in Los Angeles

Lowes Parking Lot, Parking Lot Parking Lot – The Best of Lowes parking lots, parking lot parking source Google Photos (Canada, United States) title LA: Where to Park with Cheap Car Rentals: How to save money and enjoy your parking experience article Lowe Parking Lot: Lowes, Parking lot source Google Maps (United States) […]

How to park your car in the city of Brookline without paying $100 a day

Parking lot pole can be a bit of a hassle when you’re in the car, but it’s also a lot of fun when you do.That’s because it’s pretty much a freebie.That being said, the Brookline Parking Lot Divider is a $1,000-per-day solution to park at the Brooklin-Woodstock Shopping Center, the biggest shopping center in the […]

Why the parking lot cliparts in Brookline’s parking lots aren’t a new thing

The parking lot clips in the parking lots of Brookline, Mass., and Boston are a well-worn design motif.“It’s a way of showing where we live and what we do,” said Brian T. Condon, a retired truck driver and co-owner of Condon’s Cools, a retail and catering business.The cliparts, he said, are “a way of getting […]

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